Terion – momentum, robustness and lightness in everyday life

Terion – ready to conquer the day

Reclaiming everyday life step by step – work, family, friends and recreational activities.

In order to rise to everyday challenges and retain your inner balance, the thing you need most is confidence: in your own abilities, and in the prosthesis that supports you in daily life. Thanks to its combination of select materials, the 1C10 Terion caters perfectly to the needs of users with a moderate activity level. Carbon fibre not only makes the Terion lightweight and durable, but is also responsible for its favourable energy return. The foamed heel ensures a stable heel strike and comfortable rollover. This is ideal when you want to tackle everyday life with all its facets again.

Aluminium adapter

Durable and lightweight.

Heel foam

The heel, made of functional foam, allows for a safe and comfortable heel strike. The user benefits from a smooth rollover and moderate mediolateral flexibility.

Carbon spring

The carbon spring provides good forefoot stability and an efficient energy return. The split forefoot spring also provides stability when walking and standing – including on uneven surfaces.



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