Time to come together

Hopefully it is possible for you to come together: if it’s a small family get together under the christmas tree or connect online with friends who can not be there in person.

Throughout the coming weeks we will share with you what "Time to come together" means to the global Ottobock family and especially those participating in our Holiday Campaign!

We know everyone spends the holiday time together in diverse ways from long standing traditions to connecting online with family and friends. Regardless of how you celebrate, come together here as we share your stories.

Family, friends & setting new goals - Davide Morana

Find out what 'Time to come Together' means for Davide in our stories. What does it mean to you?

What is your most special moment during the Holiday season?

Freedom Innovations: Transition to Ottobock & Protecr

Freedom Innovations: Transition to Ottobock & Proteor

Ottobock, in collaboration with Proteor and Freedom Innovations would like to ensure you are aware of recent changes to the Freedom Innovations company and portfolio of products. Below you will find details about the split of Freedom products between Ottobock and Proteor.

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Ottobock Africa Website

Ottobock has expanded on the African continent over the last years with many new partners and Patient Care Centers.

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