Contour seat

Comfort zone with profile

Benefits at a glance

Selection of two contours for custom fitting

Depending on the postural support required, seat padding with a deep or flat shape is available.

Optimal positioning of the pelvis and thighs

What is known as a ramp has been incorporated for the optimum positioning of the pelvis and the thighs. This, along with the back padding, supports active pelvic straightening and can prevent the pelvis from sliding forwards.

Ergonomically shaped front edge of the cushion

The front edge of the cushion is ergonomically shaped and features a bottom gap. This offers more space for the calf muscles and enables a knee angle of up to 90 degrees.

Stabilisation of the hip position

The front seat base is formed by the anatomically shaped seat surface, which offers a high level of lateral stability. The recess in the cushion for the thighs prevents them from rotating inwards or outwards and thus provides a physiological position that relieves the hip joint.

Reduction in the risk of pressure sores

In the trochanter region, space has been left at the sides to avoid pressure points in this critical area. This is also the reason for the seams running outside the bone structures (trochanter, ischium). All seat and back padding is produced and covered in a customised manner.


Two types of cover are available: easy-care synthetic leather and breathable spacer fabric (fabric cover). Both materials prove to be extremely flexible and resilient in daily use. High-quality contrasting seams give the seat a sporty, modern design.

Optional incontinence cover

A bi-elastic incontinence cover is available separately. This is fitted directly onto the seat padding foam.

Technical data

Technical data  
Contour seat, small  
Seat depth 360 mm–440 mm
Seat width 380 mm–420 mm
Contour seat, large  
Seat depth 420 mm–480 mm
Seat width 430 mm–480 mm
Contour seat XL  
Seat depth 420 mm–480 mm
Seat width 500 mm–560 mm

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