Robby bathing support

Benefits at a glance

Robby bathing support mesh upholstery

Anatomical mesh upholstery, adaptation using straps

Robby on Hubfix

Robby on Hubfix

Robby bathing support, folded

Robby bathing support, folded

Technical information

Technical data, bathing support Size 1 Size 2
Max. user weight 30 kg 60 kg
Seat depth (depending on strap tension and expansion of telescoping tubes) 20 cm–24 cm 31 cm–43 cm
Back support height 63 cm–72 cm 89 cm–94 cm
Overall width 38 cm 38 cm
Overall length (support surface) 115 cm–133 cm 147 cm–173 cm
Total weight approx. 3.8 kg approx. 4.3 kg


Robby bathing support head support pads

Adjustable head support pads

Robby bathing support trunk strap

Trunk strap