Letter to our customers by Prof Hans Georg Näder

Dear Ottobock Customers,

At the end of last week, the WHO declared the outbreak of the new coronavirus (Covid-19) a pandemic. Currently, Europe is the epicentre of the virus, but cases are increasing on all other continents. The corona crisis reaches a new dimension.

The situation is developing extremely rapidly and with each new development come new insecurities daily – not just for our societies, for politics and us as a company, but also for each of us individually. We are facing unprecedented challenges.

As a healthcare company, we have a special responsibility towards our users and patients. In order to ensure that we can continue our business in the best possible way, much of our workforce will work remotely with immediate effect for an unspecified period. Due to this, we will make use of digital solutions to conduct seminars, training courses, and meetings.

Our primary goals are keeping people safe and maintaining our ability to supply and provide our support to our customers in order to overcome this situation in solidarity with you.

The situation across the globe is critical – no one can predict how the situation will develop. Therefore, it is important and necessary that our business does not come to a complete standstill. At the same time, we have to react to political and administrative decisions in the respective countries with flexibility.

The global management team and all Ottobock employees take this task of continuing the processes and navigating through this difficult time extremely seriously. This includes being ready for the return to normality.

If you have any questions or if you require support, please do not hesitate to contact: info@remove-this.ottobock.com

We are committed to supporting and helping you.

If we stick together, we will rise to the challenge!

Thank you for your support and understanding.

Best regards,

Prof Hans Georg Näder, President and Chairman of the Board

Philipp Schulte-Noelle, Chief Executive Officer

Oliver Jakobi, Chief Sales Officer

Mark C. Schneider
Vice President Investor Relations & Corporate Communications
+49 30 398 206 222