Skis for your wheelchair

Wheelblades attachment – it's that simple

Wheelblades step 1


Position the Wheelblades in front of your wheelchair.

Wheelblades step 2


Manoeuvre your wheelchair into the Wheelchair clamping mechanism.

Wheelblades step 3


Check whether your wheelchair is firmly positioned and straight on the Wheelblades.

Wheelblades step 4


Close the clamp lever and off you go.

Data & facts

Compatible caster wheel sizes "One size fits all" (3" to 8")
Well-engineered technology Patented binding with universal adjustment options for wheel diameters from 15 - 30 cm and wheel widths from 2.0 - 7.0 cm.
Solid design Fibreglass-reinforced plastic parts ensure maximum strength even at low temperatures.
Highly durable Stainless steel offers protection from corrosion caused by moisture and salt.

Other areas of application

Stroller with Wheelblades

Diverse usability

Wheelblades are also suitable for rehab buggies, anterior walkers or bicycle trailers.


Please download file:

Wheelblades brochure

Product information for the Wheelblades