The all-round wheelchair for active use

Benefits at a glance

Marianne at the kiosk in the Ventus.

Always on the go

Always out and about, letting your mind wander – without thinking about the wheelchair.

René with his Ventus getting into his car.

Just get in

Thanks to its compact transport size, you can easily load the Ventus yourself – and not only into a van or estate car.

Kim Elena and her friend on campus with her Ventus.

Pure relaxation

Enjoy life, reach the goals you set for yourself and take part in recreational activities: The Ventus expands your personal mobility radius.

Kevin by the lake with the Ventus.

Action hero

No, you don't have to participate in every sport with your Ventus – but it takes you to where the action is.

Technical details

Ventus adaptable back

Positioning in the wheelchair

Everyone has individual requirements for support and seating comfort. The adaptable back upholstery and angle adjustment offer you a variety of possibilities for your optimum positioning.

Ventus chassis settings

Fine-tuning the driving characteristics

The turning radius, tipping point and seat angle top your wish list when it comes to your wheelchair settings? The Ventus has a fast and practical adjustment system for adapting it precisely to your needs.

Ventus inspection

Reliability is measurable

Our quality claim goes beyond the usual test standards. That is why the Ventus had to face the toughest test conditions, and it came out a winner.

Ventus custom fabrication

More individuality on demand

If you desire even more individuality, we offer custom fabrication with countless possibilities to adapt your Ventus entirely according to your wishes.

Ventus – scissor and sport wheel locks

Scissor and sport wheel locks

The horizontal scissor or sport wheel lock is best suited for users with good hand functionality, and does not get in the way during sideways transfers.

Technical information

Technical data  
Maximum load capacity 100 kg (standard equipment) / 140 kg (heavy duty)
Net weight with seat width 40cm x seat depth 40cm approx. 12 kg
Seat width 280–500 mm (heavy duty: 460–500 mm)
Seat depth 300–500 mm
Back height 300–500 mm
Front seat height 400–540 mm
Rear seat height 330–530 mm
Frame material Aluminium


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