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Mark uses a chin control with mini joystick.

Special controls: supporting existing abilities

Special controls at a glance

Electric swing-away mini joystick centre tray control

Electric swing-away mini joystick centre tray control

Maximum tray utilisation, minimum space restrictions below the tray through innovative swing-away mechanism.

Heavy duty Joystick

Heavy-duty joystick

Able to compensate sudden strong forces through programmable working range.

Calibratable mini joystick

Calibratable mini joystick

Minimum force required, calibration by user possible at any time.

Calibratable mini joystick

Calibratable mini joystick

Input control with small steering movements. Recommended for chin control.

Midi joystick

Midi joystick

Due to its small size, it can be placed anywhere.



Control device can be positioned to meet individual requirements. Not only usable as a hand input device.

Push-button module

Push-button module

For comfortable actuation of electric adjustments and further functions, irrespective of driving mode.

External pushbuttons

External pushbuttons

For individual placement, with different actuation forces and for different function layouts.

Foot control

Foot control

All functions can be controlled via the foot pedal. The cruise control provides relief to the user.

Swivel unit

Swivel unit

Electric swivel unit in conjunction with midi/mini joystick for chin or lip control.

Stand-alone joystick

Stand-alone joystick

For use by the wheelchair user or attendant, can be used in numerous possible variations.

Software and display for more individuality

Programming of the enAble50 control unit

With the help of the innovative enAble50 software, the specialist dealer can set up the control unit according to the individual needs of the user. The better the software is adapted to the needs and abilities of the user, the easier it is for the user to carry out daily activities. The user can also focus more on other aspects of life, such as social contacts or other preferred activities. The enAble50 provides a means for precisely adapting driving parameters to the respective wheelchair. It also offers more precise adaptation to motor skills than any other control software. Among other things, the sensitivity of the input module can be increased, so that the user can move the wheelchair with reduced effort.

Another example: a specialist dealer can define the intensity of joystick swivel in each direction by means of the X and Y axes. This is particularly helpful if the user exhibits weakness in a particular swivel direction, i.e. greater difficulties in moving the joystick in a particular direction. Especially precise driving is possible for the user as a result. The control unit also features freely programmable outputs for activation of the various functions. These functions are shown on a clearly structured, high-resolution colour display. The display can be custom-positioned on the wheelchair. Via the input device, the user can select menu items, set driving functions, make seat adjustments and control devices in the vicinity by means of various interfaces.

One menu, many functions

Main menu of the enAble50 special control

Main menu

Provides direct access to the driving functions, additional functions, favourites and system shutoff. System shutoff can be replaced by other functions upon request.

LCD favourites menu


Selection of the seven most popular and most commonly used functions for fast and comfortable activation – freely programmable by the user.

Driving function menu of the enAble50.

Driving functions

Fast and clear display of all relevant parameters including distance, battery, time and cruise control.

Additional function menu of the enAble50

Additional functions

• Electric seat adjustments

• Lighting

• Horn

• Environmental control (remote control)

• System settings

• Digital photo album

• Communication using imagery

• Speed levels

Technical data

Main control: 130 ampere for traction drives, integrated light function, actuator outputs, analogue sensor inputs (steering control), digital inputs and digital outputs

Additional modules: control panel (integrated LCD screen), attendant control, LCD screen (high-resolution colour display, input for special controls, infrared and Bluetooth interfaces as well as Easywave radio modules), extended actuator module (5 independent actuators, separate 12V (5A) DC-DC output)


Please download file:

Special and environmental controls brochure

Product information for Ottobock special and environmental controls


  • Is the installation complicated?

    No, the installation and placement are straightforward. The adaptation can be performed without programming or electronic intervention in the existing system (plug and play).