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Everyday Activity Seat

The Everyday Activity Seat is suitable for children aged 1 to 18 years to support stable sitting – a therapy chair for everyday use and all day-to-day situations where a conventional chair is not adequate.

The Everyday Activity Seat supports children aged one year and up as well as adolescents in all life situations. Thanks to its many accessories and setting options, the Everyday Activity Seat is suitable for correcting poor posture (by stabilising the pelvis) and for sensory training.

This therapy chair is easy to integrate into the child's life. It fits readily into the household thanks to its slim design. Children appreciate its colour scheme most of all. Important for parents: The Everyday Activity Seat is easy to adjust, so it can be adapted to the growth or physical changes of your child. This is done in just a few steps. In other words: The Everyday activity Seat grows with your child. This means there is no need to get accustomed to a new product later.

Adaptable backrest

The backrest height and angle are individually adjustable, adapting to your child. You can increase the back angle for resting, for example after a meal, or decrease it to promote trunk and head control. You can also add a pad in the pelvic region to promote a pelvis position that is neutral or tilted forward.

Variety of lateral supports

Every child is different and requires unique support. This is why a large selection of angle and height-adjustable lateral supports is available for the Everyday activity seat. They support the torso, provide stable support for the upper body and also guide the upper arms if necessary. Standard supports as well as swing-away or complex thorax supports provide the right level of support for just about any child.

Height-adjustable chassis

The chassis offers a large height adjustment range. This allows your child to sit very low, for example in a circle at school, or correspondingly higher for meals at the dining table. Both are possible using a pedal which you can easily operate with your foot.

Flip-up footplate

The height and angle of the footplate can be adjusted. You can also flip up the footplate entirely so your child can get out of the seat more easily. It is available in metal or wood.

Changing the seat angle

You can adjust the seat angle even when your child is in the activity seat, for example to tilt the seat back when your child wants to rest or forward in order to make getting up easier.

Lap belt for body posture

You can adjust the seat width with the soft, padded pelvic support. They provide additional stability and greater comfort.

Pelvic supports

You can adjust the seat width with the soft, padded pelvic support. They provide additional stability and greater comfort.

Adjustable headrest

You can easily adapt the height and depth of the padded headrest to the needs of your child – or simply take it off. The headrest improves the posture of the upper spine. Depending on the requirements, e.g. for more comfort and better support, we also offer an optional contoured headrest or a flat headrest (also with lateral guides).

What's special about me

Optimum posture and stability

The additional support of a lap belt benefits children with moderate postural control needs. Pelvis stability is the foundation for the overall posture. The 4-point pelvic harness of the Everyday therapy chair ensures optimal pelvic positioning.

Hi-Low chassis, continuously adjustable

The Hi-Low chassis is continuously adjustable to current requirements using a convenient foot pedal, for example for activities higher up at a table or lower down close to the floor.

Easy adaptation and child-friendly colours

The Everyday therapy chair is easy to adapt to growth or physical development. It is available in numerous child-friendly colours and an attractive design.

Technical information

Technical data Size 1 Size 2 Size 3
Approx. age 1–6 years 5–12 years 11–18 years
Max. user weight 30 kg 50 kg 100 kg
Seat depth 150–280 mm 230–380 mm 340–440 mm
Seat width 160–280 mm 260–380 mm 340–440 mm
Seat height (Hi-Low chassis) 250–600 mm 320–600 mm 450–600 mm
Seat height (Basic chassis) 450–600 mm
Back height 300–400 mm 400–520 mm 450–630 mm
Lower leg length 150–250 mm 280–450 mm 280–450 mm
Armrest height 150–250 mm 150–250 mm 180–325 mm
Seat angle adjustment -10° to +30°
Knee angle adjustment -10° to +50°


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