Correct sitting: For eating, drinking, playing

Adaptable seating systems provide stable support for your child, promote their motor development and let them take part in life. Ottobock seating systems and therapy seats support the body and correctly straighten the pelvis so that malpositions are prevented. Your child sits comfortably and can concentrate on what is happening at the moment.

This is particularly important for eating and drinking. An upright posture actively helps your child and is virtually indispensable for children with swallowing disorders. The right medical device promotes a good, physiological posture and therefore helps prevent choking.

Correct posture in turn is also important for playing or drawing: It makes it possible for your child to be active, interact with their surroundings and determine their own participation in life.

KIT Seating System

The KIT Seating System for youths aged 12 and up is comfortable, easy on the skin and provides stable positioning – for example at the dining table or school desk. Since it is individually adaptable to the pelvis and trunk, your child feels comfortable even for extended periods of time.


Mygo seating system

The modular Mygo seating system provides secure support for children aged three to 14 years. Individually adjustable to the needs of your child thanks to numerous settings, the seating system prevents malpositions of the pelvis.


Squiggles seating system

The Squiggles seating system offers stability for young children with postural weakness. Squiggles positions the pelvis, torso, head and legs while leaving the child with freedom of movement. The seating system is ideal for all everyday situations and "grows" with the child.