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The A200 is the ideal wheelchair for indoors. Thanks to its small overall width and compact design, it fits easily through narrow doors and corridors and is easy to manoeuvre.


C1000 DS

Those who value something special and simply expect more performance from their power wheelchair for outdoor use will appreciate the functionality and comfort of the C1000 DS.


C1000 SF

Why not simply stand up whenever you feel like it? When you want to use an ATM, for example, or when talking to friends and family. The new C1000 SF makes it easier than ever before. Movements from almost any sitting or semi-recumbent position into the important extension of the entire body are enabled comfortably.



If you are going to use a wheelchair, do it right: The C2000 is a powerful package with endurance for outdoor use, entitled to its place in the upper leagues.



The Juvo has a modular design that offers almost boundless possibilities for assembling custom-made devices for complex requirements.

Three drive types are available: front-wheel, mid-wheel and rear-wheel drive.