Agilium Reactive knee osteoarthritis brace

Less pain. More life.

For the treatment of general knee osteoarthritis – Agilium Reactive

Osteoarthritis is the most common joint disease worldwide. Due to our ageing population, the number of those affected is increasing. The Agilium Reactive can help relieve pain caused by general knee osteoarthritis. Even in everyday situations, users are thankful for the relief provided by the brace.

The Agilium Reactive is an especially lightweight brace that is comfortable to wear. In particular, wearer comfort is increased by the innovative closure technology of the calf strap, which users can loosen at the push of a button to reduce constriction when sitting down.

Adapts to the contours of the body

Thanks to the auto-adaptive design of its straps, the Agilium Reactive can be adjusted to accommodate different leg shapes.

TechnoGel pad

The TechnoGel pads include a skin-friendly fabric cover and are made from a high-quality material that allows for optimal pressure distribution. They are also extremely hygienic.

Easy to loosen strap

When seated, the user can loosen the strap easily with a single movement. This gives the calf muscle more room in the new position.

Very comfortable

The slimline design and construction of the Agilium Reactive and the materials used make it very lightweight. The innovative technology in its non-slip pads makes it comfortable to wear, while at the same time providing good protection against slipping.

Benefits at a glance

Sit more comfortably at the touch of a button

Users often experience uncomfortable pressure from their brace when they sit down. The Agilium Reactive offers a unique solution. Thanks to the suspension system, the strap can be loosened at the touch of a button and secured again with a few turns.

Less pain

With the Agilium Reactive you can master your everyday life with ease, as the brace can relieve pain.

Suitable for everyday use

The Agilium Reactive is very lightweight and can be worn discreetly under everyday clothing thanks to its slim design. This makes it barely noticeable.


  • Osteoarthritis in the medial compartment


Please download file:

Patient guide – knee osteoarthritis

The patient guide provides information on osteoarthritis, including causes and symptoms. It also includes exercises that you can easily do at home.


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