Knee orthosis – Agilium Softfit

Benefits at a glance

Agilium Softfit doesn’t slip out of place

Users often find that orthoses that encompass the knee slip out of place. But not the Agilium Softfit: its innovative material with a “vector grip” ensures that the knee orthosis stays in place.

Less pain

The Agilium Softfit provides support – as needed – for routine activities as well as sports. It can help alleviate pain.

High level of wearer comfort

The Agilium Softfit has a great fit. The material is breathable, and the slim design allows the knee orthosis to be worn discreetly under clothing as well.

Agilium Move

The Agilium Softfit has it all covered, including sports – and it has a beneficial effect on the diseased joint. Regular movement strengthens the muscles surrounding the knee, promotes blood circulation in the joint and boosts the supply of nutrients to the cartilage. Supplying the cartilage tissue with sufficient nutrients keeps it from deteriorating – which also prevents the osteoarthritis from progressing.

Agilium Move – exercises

Balance exercises

In the Agilium Move balance exercises, professional skier Christian Neureuther shows you a targeted approach for training the quadriceps muscle group and the muscles that control the knee joint. The exercises strengthen proprioception of your knee – that is, your own awareness of this part of your body. This results in a better interplay between various dynamic and stabilising muscles during certain movement patterns.


Strength exercises

Osteoarthritis of the knee leads to an imbalance in the cartilage in your knee as well as in the surrounding muscle tissue. The Agilium Move strength exercises help you actively counteract this imbalance. Strong muscles support the bony structures in the joint, and strength training stimulates the metabolism, helping to preserve the remaining cartilage.


Endurance exercises

The Agilium Move endurance exercise focuses on getting you moving without excessive strain. As with swimming or cycling along straight paths, the aim of this exercise to keep moving for as long as possible. Sustained movement stimulates the supply of nutrients in the joint, which also helps maintain the cartilage. Training on a regular basis will enable you to walk without pain for progressively longer distances over time.



  • Osteoarthritis of the medial or lateral knee joint


Please download file:

Patient guide – osteoarthritis of the knee

This patient guide provides information on osteoarthritis. Learn more about the causes and symptoms of this disease. We also show you exercises that you can easily do on your own.


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