Malleo Neurexa pro dorsiflexion assist orthosis

Following a stroke, for example, many of those affected frequently suffer from dorsiflexor weakness and the foot assumes a so-called supination position. The toes can no longer be properly lifted in this case, resulting in the risk of tripping. The Malleo Neurexa pro is an orthosis with a foot lifting effect which can also counteract the effects of a developing spasticity thanks to its special design.

The orthosis can be worn during the day and at night as well as without a shoe.

Elastic pronation strap

The elastic pronation strap of the Malleo Neurexa pro supports therapy and counteracts spasticity. The tension can be set to four different levels by the orthotist or the user themselves.

Easy to use

The Malleo Neurexa pro can be easily fastened to the leg with hook-and-loop closures.

Asymmetrical orthosis design

The asymmetrical orthosis design enhances the corrective effect of the orthosis.

Thermoplastic footshell

The orthosis can be easily washed thanks to the thermoplastic material. Its construction enables the orthosis to be worn without shoes as well, but not barefoot.

Benefits at a glance

High therapeutic benefits

The Malleo Neurexa pro plays a supporting role in therapy for acute spastic supination of the foot. The dorsiflexion assist orthosis reduces the risk of the foot getting caught on small obstacles or uneven ground.

Easy to clean

Due to its material composition, the Malleo Neurexa pro is washable and very easy to clean. It maintains its appearance even after prolonged wear and does not yellow.

By using an anti-slip pad for the sole you can wear the orthosis without shoes as well, but not barefoot.

An orthosis for day and night

By fastening the orthosis with straps and hook-and-loop closures, you can also wear it at night in order to keep the foot in a neutral position.


The orthosis can be used for dorsiflexor weakness, especially in case of an acute supination position of the foot due to spasticity, for example following a stroke or traumatic brain injury, for multiple sclerosis, neuromuscular atrophy or isolated peroneal paralysis.


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