Cervical brace Smartspine Collar

To stabilize and immobilize the cervical spine

If you suffer from pain syndromes or injuries of the cervical spine the brace stabilizes and immobilizes the cervical spine.

Soft foam liner

The soft foam liner is removable and, thus it provides an increased patient comfort.

Occipital component

The occipital component has an aluminum spine element that allowing for customized contouring of cervical arch.

Two piece design

Two piece design for easy donning.

Hook and loop closure

The hook and loop closure allows for an easy adjustment.

Scalloped contoured diffusion tabs

The scalloped contoured diffusion tabs feature an integral thoracic extension. They ensure the distribution of pressure over a large area.

Large trachea opening

A large trachea opening to be able to access the carotid pulse and minor tracheotomy.

Benefits at a glance

Easy and quick adaption

The two piece design as well as the hook and loop closures ensure a quick and easy donning.

Optimum fit

The scalloped contoured diffusion tabs with integral thoracic extension as well as the occipital component with aluminum spine element allow a customized adaptation and fit.

Simplified treatment

The large trachea opening allows to access carotid pulse and minor tracheotomy.

Increased patient comfort

The foam liner is removable and washable ensuring an increased patient comfort.


- Acute pain syndromes of the cervical spine

- Stenosis of the cervical spine

- Whiplash trauma


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