X-ible flexible ankle joint

Flexible ankle joint for ankle-foot orthosis

Stability for the foot while still remaining mobile – when walking, running and on the go: This is important for children and adults alike who have disabilities that affect the foot area, such as drop foot.

The X-ibles meet these requirements. The flexible plastic joints stabilise the ankle joint and simultaneously support dorsiflexion. The X-ibles are available in two versions: One version of the joints is freely movable and helps stabilise the ankle joint, while the other version supports the lifting of the foot.

  • Various designs allow a customised fitting for the respective needs
  • Low profile under clothing thanks to slimline design
  • Slim, lightweight design of the joints enhances wearer comfort
  • Available in various sizes for children and adults
  • Stabilisation and support for drop foot

Benefits at a glance

Freely movable joint

The freely movable version of the X-ible joint provides stability to the ankle joint. It is available in three sizes: small, medium and large.

Joint with dorsiflexion function

The version with a dorsiflexion function helps lift the foot. It is available in three different sizes and three varying degrees of assistance.