Affected areas of the body

Depending on what area of your body is affected, you will find a selection of effective orthoses and supports here that can help promote healing and alleviate complaints. Just click the corresponding selection to obtain detailed, easy to understand information about fitting options.


For sport injuries, tendon disorders or after surgery – Ottobock hand orthoses stabilise, yet allow enough flexibility so you can soon use your hand again.


Walk On Reaction and Manu Sensa

What are orthoses & supports?

Orthoses and supports are prescribed in case of injuries and illnesses of the support apparatus and locomotor system. Read more about the various types of orthoses and supports, their functionality and their structure.


Graphic of person with various complaints

Clinical Pictures and Symptoms

Obtain detailed information about various clinical pictures and symptoms, therapy options and diagnostic methods. Specific orthoses and supports are offered for each illness; they can help alleviate your complaints.


Patient stories

Meet different users and discover which devices make their everyday lives easier.