Agilium Patella

The Agilium Patella can help relieve pain in case of retropatellar osteoarthritis, i.e. wear and tear to the back surface of the kneecap. It can be individually adapted to various everyday situations, making it comfortable to wear.


Agilium Reactive

The Agilium Reactive is a classic brace used to treat general knee osteoarthritis. It is ideal for patients who want a brace that covers the knee.


Lateral view of the Agilium Softfit knee orthosis

Agilium Softfit

The Agilium Softfit knee orthosis uses the 3-point principle to relieve the affected area of the knee and alleviate pain caused by osteoarthritis.


Front view of Ottobock’s Genu Arexa knee brace

Genu Arexa

After a ligament injury in the knee – such as tearing of the anterior cruciate ligament – the Genu Arexa knee brace supports the healing process by stabilising the knee and simultaneously permitting controlled movements.


Genu Arexa Knee Orthosis

Genu Neurexa

The Genu Neurexa provides good support after a stroke. It stabilises the knee and prevents overextension of the knee joint. However, bending the knee continues to be possible.


The Genu Sensa knee support

Genu Sensa

In case of pain, swelling or inflammation, the Genu Sensa stabilises and relieves the knee, promoting its function and helping to alleviate pain.


Patella Pro Patella Realignment Orthosis

Patella Pro

The Patella Pro results in dynamic re-alignment of the patella. This means that the patella always remains in the centre position, even during flexion and extension.


Xeleton Knee Orthosis


After ligament injuries in the knee, the robust Xeleton rigid-frame knee orthosis stabilises the knee during the healing process and prevents undesirable movements.


Aqualine orthosis system


With the Aqualine orthosis system, Ottobock has launched the world's first waterproof walking aid designed specifically for use in wet areas.


E-MAG Active Orthosis System

E-MAG Active Orthosis System

E-MAG Active – the electronically controlled knee joint system for leg paralysis fittings


Knee-ankle-foot orthosis with unilateral joint system

Unilateral joint system

The unilateral joint system provides an integrated solution in case of paresis or paralysis of the leg musculature.


Angled front view of the C-Brace® orthotronic mobility system

The new C-Brace®

The new C-Brace® ‒ taking you further. The C-Brace® is the world’s only orthotronic mobility system that uses sensor technology to control both the stance and swing phase. The user is supported in real time during every walking phase