Mechatronic foot prostheses and their advantages

New and diverse opportunities – more mobility, more relief, more freedom in your choice of shoes

Do you want a more natural gait pattern, greater flexibility on various types of terrain and a relaxed posture when standing and sitting? Plus the freedom to choose the shoes you prefer?

Our mechatronic prosthetic feet can enable nearly natural movement patterns and help to improve your balance, stability and control. You’ll love just how adaptable they are when you walk on slopes or rough terrain.

Our prostheses also give you a relaxed standing posture, and can help you feel safer when doing so. A more comfortable sitting position lets you relieve your residual limb as well. Besides this, you have greater freedom in your choice of footwear, as our prosthetic feet adjust to the varying heel heights of your shoes.

Learn more about the superior quality of our prosthetic feet, which can be customised just for you. Experience the wide range of opportunities they have to offer.

Free choice of shoes and heel heights

From barefoot to 5 cm heels, from business footwear to hiking boots – and regardless of whether they’re women’s or men’s shoes – the Meridium and Triton smart ankle prosthetic feet give you greater freedom in your choice of shoes. You can carry out the adaptations for different heel heights yourself via an app or at the touch of a button. As a result, you can swap comfortable everyday shoes for elegant heels in no time.

Relief function – more relaxed when sitting and standing

Sitting with a foot prosthesis can sometimes place pressure on the residual limb, causing discomfort. Thanks to the relief function offered by our mechatronic prosthetic feet, the foot lowers itself to the floor when sitting, and your posture in this position becomes more relaxed and natural. The relief function is perfect for standing on ramps or leaning against a wall as well.

Terrain adaptation lets you stay on the go

Our prosthetic feet continually readapt to each new situation: They offer adjustment to changing walking speeds, more relaxed walking uphill and more stability when going downhill. The electronic prostheses provide additional support on stairs. In addition, they are exceptionally suitable for moving about on uneven terrain.

Reclaim your power. Empower

The Empower Ankle is the world’s only foot prosthesis with a powered propulsion. This feature means that you need to expend less energy – including over longer distances and on uneven terrain. Plus, the relief function ensures a relaxed posture when standing and sitting.


Reclaim your way. Meridium

Walk more naturally on uneven terrain, stairs or slopes: The Meridium adjusts itself smoothly and directly to your movements – all the way from the ankle to the toe region. It’s also incredibly easy for you to carry out the adjustment for the respective heel height of your shoes.


Reclaim your choice. Triton smart ankle

Made of carbon, the Triton smart ankle is a foot that offers a moderate level of dynamic movement, while adapting to sloped surfaces with every step you take. The prosthetic foot also gives you greater freedom in your choice of shoes.