Reclaim your life with a microprocessor-controlled knee joint

Reclaim your life – starting now! Whether you’re receiving a prosthetic knee joint for the first time or already have experience with a prosthesis – microprocessor-controlled fittings open up new, unique possibilities for you. Ottobock’s knee joints are leaders in their field, especially when it comes to safety and freedom of movement. Take some time to find out about the various microprocessor-controlled knee joints. Get to know the differences between their respective functions and find out what knee joint best supports your personal lifestyle. Reclaim your life – now might be the perfect time for a fresh start.

Go out and reclaim your life!Whether you are a recent amputee or have already experienced life with a prosthetic knee – there is always more to learn and gain with a microprocessor controlled device. Take some time to find out about our family of microprocessor knees.Get to know the difference between their particular features in order to figure out what knee supports your personal lifestyle best.Now might be the time to make a fresh start and to reclaim your life.

Overview of product benefits

Learn about the specific differences between the individual joints and how they can make your everyday life better, safer and more active.


Knee joints for your personal lifestyle

Find out more about sophisticated knee joints that really fit your requirements. Take some time to learn more about the Kenevo, C-Leg 4, Genium and Genium X3.


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What does the online community have to say about life with a microprocessor-controlled knee joint and the diverse opportunities it offers? Learn how other users have reclaimed their lives.


Over 40 clinical studies

Please see here for numerous study summaries and biomechanical analyses focusing on Ottobock’s microprocessor-controlled knee joints. See for yourself how they enhance functionality, mobility and quality of life.