Stable, healthy standing

It makes a difference

Commonplace for others, quality of life for you

Are situations that require extended standing challenging for you? With the Intuitive Stance offered by our microprocessor-controlled knee joints, you won’t have to avoid moments like these: The joints “know” whether you are standing and relaxing, or want to initiate your next step. Intuitive Stance adapts to the current situation. Evenly distributing your weight between both legs can prevent damaging compensating movements, no matter whether you are standing on an even surface or an incline. Try it for yourself and find out what joint best meets your needs.

Relaxed standing, without having to think about it

Do you often have to stand because your work demands it or your hobby requires it? Intuitive Stance, a special function of our electronic knee joints, supports you while standing. Intuitively and without having to permanently think about it. Try it for yourself today.

Comfortable standing – including on uneven ground

Grilling in the garden or playing in the meadow with your granddaughter – with the Intuitive Stance offered by our mechatronic knee joints, you no longer have to avoid activities that require extended standing – including on inclines or uneven ground.

A relaxed chat – no matter where

Are there times when you feel torn between wanting to hear the details of your neighbour’s holiday and the urge to bring the conversation to a close after a few sentences? Do you find standing for extended periods difficult? Then give our solution a try. Thanks to the Intuitive Stance offered by our electronic knee joints, your stance is more stable and comfortable – even when things take a bit longer.

Play a leading role in life

Do you want to hold your child in your arms?* Or need to lift a box onto a cabinet? You know how important a stable stance is in such situations. The Intuitive Stance offered by our microprocessor-controlled knee joints makes stable and healthy standing possible for you, even during these moments. Give it a try and find the joint that best supports your everyday requirements.

* Special caution is required in all situations where children are being carried. Note the maximum allowable weight for the prosthesis.

Reclaim your determination. C-Leg 4

The C-Leg 4 offers Intuitive Stance as well, allowing you to stand more comfortably with less fatigue – including on uneven terrain or inclines. One of the many functions offered by the C-Leg 4 that makes everyday life easier.

more about the C-Leg 4

Reclaim your strength. Genium

The Genium enables virtually natural movement patterns and also offers Intuitive Stance. It recognises when you want to stop and provides the resistance required for a natural distribution of your body weight.

more about the Genium

Reclaim all you want to be. Genium X3

The Genium X3 also offers Intuitive Stance and therefore supports your movement, no matter where and how long you want to stand. This gives you the freedom to focus on other things.

more about the Genium X3

Clinical studies

Please see here for study summaries and biomechanical analyses of Ottobock’s microprocessor-controlled knee joints focusing on the aspects of function, mobility and quality of life. See for yourself.


Questions and answers

Extended standing can be incredibly difficult. Many prosthesis wearers ask us for solutions that enable comfortable and stable standing in a wide variety of situations.


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