Terion K2 prosthetic foot

Confidence with every step – Terion K2

Benefits at a glance

Benefits at a glance

Stable stance and a secure gait

The Terion K2 is especially well suited for users who want to maintain their everyday mobility and value enhanced safety. It features a soft, easy to control heel strike. Both while standing and during rollover, the load is evenly distributed also on uneven surfaces.

Lightweight construction

Thanks to the material composition, the prosthetic foot is especially lightweight and offers perceptible wearer comfort for getting around in everyday life, both at home and in the vicinity.

Robust and resistant to dust, dirt and splashed water

Thanks to its robust design and material composition, the Terion K2 is resistant to dust, dirt and splashed water. This also makes the Terion K2 suitable for activities in damp and dusty environments. The prosthetic foot is protected by an exchangeable footshell.

Technical data

Technical data 1C11 Terion K2
Suitability MG1–MG2
Max. body weight 175 kg
Footshell Slim shape for sizes 22-23 with 10 mm heel height
Normal shape for sizes 24-30 with 10 mm heel height
Weight with without footshell* approx. 325 g
Weight with normal footshell* approx. 573 g
System height with normal footshell* 46 mm
Structural height with normal footshell* 64 mm
Recommended knee components 3C60 Kenevo, 3R62 Pheon, 3R93
*Technical data refers to size 26 cm


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