Harmony: the active vacuum socket system

Keeping your prosthesis securely in place

For patients with an above or below-knee amputation, the Harmony socket system uses an active vacuum to securely connect the leg prosthesis to the residual limb. Vacuum systems almost fully extract the air between the liner and prosthetic socket in order to establish this firm connection. Active vacuum systems like the Harmony achieve this with a mechanical or electric pump.

The very high level of suspension between the residual limb and prosthesis means safety for you. You can be active, move according to your abilities, and have good control over your prosthesis. What’s more, the Harmony socket system always brings your residual limb back into the same shape. This reduces minor volume fluctuations in many cases, and the residual limb always fits the shape of your prosthetic socket well. The risk that painful pressure points and skin irritation could develop is considerably reduced as a result. Your orthotics and prosthetics professional (O&P professional) will be happy to provide more information on which system is most suitable for your needs.

Active volume management

Harmony E2 – the electric pump

  • Particularly suitable for anyone who sits a lot, for example at the office
  • The vacuum is active as soon as you stand up
  • A permanent vacuum is maintained, even when you are not moving about
  • Also suitable for amputees with a short residual limb and above-knee amputees
  • The pump is operated by a quiet electric motor

Harmony P3 and P4 – the mechanical pumps

  • Suitable for more active users
  • Dampen the impact when stepping down; foot is more mobile during rotational movements
  • Air is extracted mechanically so there is no need for charging

Benefits at a glance

A firm hold

The Harmony keeps the prosthesis securely in place. The residual limb, liner and socket form a unit and you gain control thanks to full contact with the prosthesis. You can immediately tell when your prosthetic foot touches the ground, which gives you greater safety and control when walking.

Volume management

You know that the volume of your residual limb can change in the course of the day. The Harmony prevents these volume fluctuations and your prosthesis always remains securely in place.



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