A powerful team: Skeo liners & MagnoFlex lock

Simply attractive – with something special

After a transtibial amputation, the goal is to find a prosthesis solution that provides you with the highest level of safety and independence – along with a good fit.

One option is what is known as a shuttle lock fitting, which works in a similar way to a lock. A pin screwed into the lower end of the liner is inserted into the socket's counter piece, known as the shuttle lock, while putting on the prosthesis. The pin engages in the shuttle lock, connecting the residual limb to the prosthesis. The system is easy to unlock using a simple trigger mechanism.

Two special features of the MagnoFlex lock make putting on the prosthesis much easier: a magnet in the lock housing gently pulls the pin towards the opening as it is inserted. Because the pin is also flexible, it follows this gentle pull easily, sliding along the housing of the shuttle lock before engaging in the proper position.

The MagnoFlex lock works especially well with the Skeo liners, which include a range of versions to cover a wide variety of user requirements.

MagnoFlex lock: flexible and magnetic so it's easy to put on

This pin suspension system makes it easy to put the prosthesis on. Thanks to the flexible, magnetic pin attached to the lower end of your liner, connecting your prosthesis is easier than ever before.

6Y77 Skeo 3D

This liner's shape is based on the natural shape of the lower leg. Extra material protects sensitive areas of the residual limb against pressure and impacts, while a thinner layer of material in the hollow of the knee makes it easier to bend the joint – which makes you more mobile!

6Y43 Skeo Pure

Thanks to its silky smooth outer coating, the Skeo Pure liner is especially easy to put on and take off and dries quickly. This also makes it perfect for use with waterproof prosthesis solutions. The textured inner surface feels nice and soft and reduces the sensation of tightness on the skin.

6Y75 Skeo Skinguard

Thanks to the antibacterial additive in the Skeo Skinguard liner, bacterial growth is reduced by 99.9%. This prevents unpleasant odours from developing!