Prosthetic foot - 1C30 Trias

Benefits at a glance

Soft rollover for easy movement

Reflecting the anatomy of the human foot, Trias' triangular design offers you a soft rollover for easy and comfortable walking. Its transition from heel to toe feels harmonious and natural during every step.

Energy return that's right for you

The Trias prosthetic foot delivers excellent performance suited to each step. Moving slowly or at moderate walking speeds feels pleasant as Trias let’s you set your own pace.

You control your movements

The Trias foot modestly accomodates to varying terrain without compromising stability. It doesn't matter if you spend time at home or if you are on the way to your favorite places outdoors. Trias provides you a sense of security and self-confidence. Trust it!


  • Is the Trias prosthetic foot right for me?

    The Trias prosthetic foot is designed for moderately active individuals (mobility grade 2-3) who navigate indoor and familiar outdoor environments and place a high value on consistent stability when walking. It is suitable for users weighing up to 125 kg. Both transfemoral and transtibial amputees can benefit from the flexible prosthetic foot.

  • Is the Trias waterproof?

    No, the Trias is not waterproof.

  • Is the Trias available in my size?

    The prosthetic foot is available in a range of sizes from 21 to 30 cm. Your O&P professional selects the Trias for you based on your foot size and body weight.

  • Will I need a new prosthesis for the Trias?

    No, the Trias can be integrated into either a new or an existing modular prosthesis, provided it has sufficient structural height.

  • Do I need to wear special shoes with the Trias?

    No, the Trias is delivered with a footshell that is based on the shape of a natural foot and is therefore compatible with all common types of shoes. Plus, a slim and a normal footshell are available in most foot sizes to match your natural foot as closely as possible.

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