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  • Who is the Terion foot suitable for?

    The Terion foot is suitable for users with moderate mobility (MOBIS 2-3). It enables users to return to work and take part in recreational activities. Thanks to its flexibility, the foot is also suitable for walking on uneven terrain – both in urban and in rural areas. It enables a largely natural rollover and good energy return as well as secure and controlled movement patterns. Thanks to its low weight, the Terion is comfortable to wear and makes walking and standing easier in everyday situations.

  • How is the Terion different from other prosthetic feet?

    Unlike conventional prosthetic feet such as dynamic feet or the SACH foot, the Terion features a combination of carbon fibre material with a foam heel. This provides comfortable, cushioning heel characteristics without having to forgo extended forefoot dynamics.

  • Is the Terion suitable for sports?

    The Terion is suitable for everyday tasks and normal recreational activities, but not for for high performance sports.

  • Can the Terion foot also be used as part of an above-the-knee prosthesis?

    Yes! The Terion is suitable for all amputation levels that permit the corresponding structural height. The Terion foot works particularly well with Ottobock mechanical and microprocessor-controlled knee joints.

  • Is there a version of the Terion for me?

    The Terion is available in a range of sizes from 22 to 28 cm, suitable for body weights of up to 125 kg. The 22–23 cm sizes are delivered with a narrow footshell while the 24–28 cm foot sizes are supplied with a normal footshell. Both footshells can be ordered in either beige or light brown.

  • Do I need a new prosthesis to use the Terion?

    No. The Terion can be integrated into new as well as existing modular prosthesis systems without any problem, provided there is sufficient structural height. It is connected using the integrated adapter.

  • How is the Terion foot integrated into my prosthesis?

    Your O&P professional will advise you and select, order and install the most suitable prosthetic foot for you. He or she possesses the necessary technical expertise and equipment required to install and adjust the Terion foot.

  • Do I need to wear special shoes with the Terion?

    No. The Terion is delivered with a footshell that is based on the shape of a natural foot. Regardless of your foot shape, the heel height of 5 mm also enables you to walk barefoot.

  • Is the Terion foot waterproof?

    The Terion prosthetic foot is resistant against splashed water. The foot should always be cleaned with fresh water and then dried after contact with water or sand.

  • Can I try out a Terion foot?

    Yes! Please talk to your O&P professional.

  • Where can I find further information about the Terion?

    Your physician or O&P professional will be happy to advise you regarding the suitability of the Terion to meet your special requirements.

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