Sports at Ottobock

For almost 30 years Ottobock has been at the heart of the Paralympic Movement. As the longest serving Partner to the Paralympic Games, athletes at every Summer and Winter Games benefit from Ottobock’s experience providing technical service since the Seoul 1988 Paralympic Games. Similar to the services provided by mechanics in motor racing, Ottobock is responsible for the repair and maintenance of equipment used by Paralympians and getting athletes back into the competition as fast as possible. Sportspeople can rely on our know-how – and not just at the Paralympic Games. Sports enthusiasts around the world place their trust in the products of the Ottobock Sportsline, which we develop for every level of performance together with top athletes. We are proud to promote sports for people with disabilities and to be able to serve the athletes as their reliable partner. Our role drives a “Passion for Paralympics” that we are excited to share with people living with disabilities and members of the public all over the world.


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