Myoelectric arm prostheses

State-of-the-art myoelectric arm prostheses are highly functional and offer great benefits to active people of all age groups. You control this type of prosthesis through muscle contractions in your residual limb. This control system allows you to vary the intensity of your grip and control your hand position and wrist joint.

Prosthetic Fitting

Myoelectric-controlled arm prostheses are externally powered prostheses, which means that they are not driven by the muscle strength of the patient, but with the aid of electric power. The word “Myo” is derived from Greek: mys (“muscle”).

A biochemical process generates electrical tension in the microvolt range every time a muscle contracts. This tension can be measured on the skin. This also applies to the muscles remaining after an amputation. With myoelectric arm prostheses, muscle tensions from the residual limb are usually read by two electrodes – small children start with one. The low myoelectrical impulses that lie in the microvolt range are then amplified and forwarded to the electronics of the prosthesis in the form of control signals.

The great functional benefits of this prosthetic system have a decisive influence on rehabilitation results. Because myoelectric prostheses also offer an appealing design as well as wearer comfort, they have become established as the standard.


Ottobock’s arm prosthesis system for children

Arm prosthesis system for children

The arm prosthesis system for children provides a high level of functionality and good optical adaptation, allowing your child to effortlessly explore their surroundings.


AxonHook – the power tool amongst hand prostheses

Slim and compact, yet powerful and stable. The AxonHook is a high-performance, robust terminal device and compliments the Michelangelo Hand perfectly. Its high gripping force makes it possible to carry heavy objects and no other hook outperforms it when it comes to speed.


white and black bebionic hand

bebionic hand

Sleek, elegant and cutting-edge in both design and technology, the bebionic range pushes the boundaries of multi-articulating myoelectric hands. 14 selectable grip patterns and hand positions enable you to perform a huge number of everyday activities with ease.


DMC VariPlus electric Greifer

DMC VariPlus electric Greifer

Thanks to precise control and a high gripping force, the DMC VariPlus system electric Greifer even makes manual work possible.


Transhumeral prosthesis with DynamicArm, MyoWrist and MyoHand


The DynamicArm elbow joint makes virtually natural movements possible with its special technology. We recommend combining it with the SensorHand Speed.


Electric Hand 2000 for children

Electric Hand 2000 for children

After an upper limb amputation, children can once again largely experience their world with their hands thanks to the lightweight electric hand for children.


ErgoArm elbow component

ErgoArm arm prosthesis

The ErgoArm, ErgoArm plus, ErgoArm Hybrid plus and ErgoArm Electronic plus are elbow components that offer a high level of functionality, a low weight and an attractive look.


AxonBus system Michelangelo Hand

Michelangelo Hand

The Axon-Bus prosthesis system with the Michelangelo Hand restores numerous functions of the natural hand with various gripping options.


Sectioned prosthetic socket with the Myo Plus TR.

Myo Plus pattern recognition

Myo Plus for easy and intuitive prosthesis control without complicated, time-consuming switching between different grips.


MyoHand VariPlus Speed gripper

MyoHand VariPlus Speed

The MyoHand VariPlus Speed, a combination of the SensorHand Speed and DMC VariPlus system electric gripper, sets itself apart with high gripping force and speed.


Mechanics of the Speed hands.

Myoelectric prosthetic hand systems

Combined with myoelectric arm prostheses, the SensorHand Speed and VariPlus Speed prosthetic hands make it possible to hold objects, grasp and be active.


AxonSkin prosthesis gloves

Prosthesis gloves

Prosthesis gloves help harmoniously integrate the prosthesis into the overall body image. The glove also protects the mechanics of the prosthetic hand.