The power tool amongst prostheses

Powerful, sturdy and fast. The AxonHook completes the Axon-Bus system. Thanks to its high gripping force and robust construction, this product is particularly well suited for manual work. It is also popular for tasks such as cooking, gardening or handling small parts where high precision, speed and gripping force are essential.

The hook is easy to exchange with the Michelangelo Hand in just one step. As a result, the new hook represents another step for users in achieving everyday independence.


Compensating movements are reduced to a minimum thanks to the flexible wrist unit and active rotation.

Good visibility

The slim design provides you with a good view of the object being picked up.


Secure grip: Thanks to the coating, even small objects can be held securely.

Stability: The robust hook fingers made of titanium make it suitable for many tasks and recreational activities.

Power: The high gripping force benefits you during activities that previously posed a challenge.

Precision: With purposeful training, your grip can become highly accurate.


Switching between the Michelangelo Hand and hook is very simple thanks to the integrated AxonWrist.

Advantages at a glance

  • Secure gripping of objects
  • High gripping force supports the user in everyday life
  • Precise grasping
  • Fast, uncomplicated switching between the Michelangelo Hand and AxonHook
  • Reduces compensating movements


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