bebionic hand

The world’s most lifelike bionic hand

Benefits at a glance

Aesthetic design

The aesthetic hand design is based on the anatomical skeletal structure of the human hand. Impressive design features include the natural-looking shape of the joints and the transition between the wrist and back of the hand.

Modern look

The bebionic hand is available in two colour versions: a white Kevlar look and black carbon look.

Numerous different grips

Individually and independently driven fingers enable fourteen selectable grips, so you can perform a large number of everyday activities with ease.

Individually adjustable

The O&P professional sets the parameters of the bebionic hand individually in the adjustment software to fit your needs and situation.

Optimum weight distribution

The arrangement of the finger motors near the wrist leads to a natural, balanced distribution of weight so the hand is lighter and more comfortable to wear.

Synchronised finger movements

Sensors in the motor control system allow the coordinated and synchronised movement of the individual fingers when grasping.

Grip patterns

Active Index

Active Index Grip is exclusive to bebionic3 and makes it the only artificial hand on the market that enables you to effectively operate home and garden appliances with trigger mechanisms, like handheld sprays, hairdryers and power tools.

With Active Index Grip, the hand grips the object, whilst you maintain control over the index finger to operate the trigger.

Please note that bebionic3 should never be used with firearms.


With bebionic3’s unique Column Grip, you can operate levers and firmly press buttons. You can use it whilst driving, to use car indicators, to operate lifts at work, or to switch on appliances at home. The column grip is also useful when dressing, and helps your prosthetic hand to glide more easily through sleeves.

Finger Adduction

Finger Adduction Grip is great for picking up and holding thin objects. When eating, you can use this grip to hold cutlery, and when brushing your teeth. Finger Adduction Grip can also be used to pick up papers, leaflets and magazines.

Finger Point

Looks exactly how it sounds – a pointed index finger. Tasks like pressing small or intricate buttons, typing on a keyboard, or ringing a doorbell are all made possible with Finger Point.

Hook Grip

When you need to carry something, bebionic3’s Hook Grip provides the perfect solution. Secure and versatile, Hook Grip can carry everything from briefcases and handbags to heavy shopping.

Key Grip

Key Grip is ideal when you want to carry thin, flat objects like plates, credit cards and pieces of paper. It provides precise, accurate control, and enables the user to complete intricate tasks like unlocking doors.

Mouse Grip

Whether you are working in the office, browsing the internet, or playing video games at home, the Mouse Grip is ideal. It is completely unique to bebionic3, making it the only prosthetic hand designed to operate a computer mouse.

Open Palm

Open Palm Grip provides an effective way of carrying bowls or plates naturally and safely in the palm of the bebionic3 artificial hand.

Pinch Grip

With Pinch Grip, the thumb and index finger come together to provide a versatile, useful way to pick up and manoeuvre a wide range of small objects, including car keys, coins, lids and pens.

Power Grip

Whether shaking someone’s hand, throwing a ball, using home and garden utensils or eating a piece of fruit: bebionic3’s flexible Power Grip will provide just the right amount of grip to suit any situation.

Precision Closed Grip

Precision Closed Grip provides a quick, reliable method of picking up and moving small, fiddly objects. With Precision Closed Grip, the index finger grips against the thumb whilst the rest of the fingers close onto the palm.

Precision Open Grip

Precision Open Grip offers another useful way to pick up and manipulate small objects quickly and accurately. With Precision Open Grip, the index finger grips against the thumb whilst the middle, ring and little fingers remain open.

Relaxed Hand Position

When you’re not actively using the hand, the Relaxed Hand Position helps to give bebionic3 a natural and lifelike appearance.

Tipod Grip

You can use Tripod Grip to pick up, hold and manipulate a variety of everyday objects including car keys, coins, jar lids and pens.


Please download file:

Information for users

User brochure with patient stories and practical information about the bebionic hand.


  • Who can wear a bebionic hand?

    The bebionic hand is suitable for all users who have intact muscle activity in one or more muscles in the residual limb.

    The bebionic hand is especially suitable for users with low to moderate activity levels, as heavy activity should be avoided.

  • How long will it take before I can use the bebionic hand correctly?

    We are unable to make any general statements regarding this. However, the amount of training required to confidently use a myoelectric hand prosthesis can be compared with learning to play a musical instrument.

    After a few hours, it is usually possible to open and close the prosthetic hand. After this, the hand prosthesis also needs to be used on a regular basis if it is to be integrated successfully at work and in your everyday routines. It usually takes around three to six months before most users have integrated the prosthesis into their daily lives.

  • What is involved in a fitting with a bebionic prosthetic hand?

    A fitting includes all the components integrated into a socket, a customised socket and the correct settings for the hand, which will be adjusted by the O&P professional. The assembly and training with the prosthesis are of course part of this, as well as regular service inspections.

  • How long does the battery in the bebionic prosthetic hand last?

    The operating time of the battery in the prosthesis depends largely on how the prosthesis is used in day-to-day life. On average, the battery will last a whole day. We recommend charging the battery every day. This ensures that the prosthesis is always ready to use.

  • Can the bebionic hand be used without the glove?

    Wearing the bebionic hand with the prosthetic glove is recommended for daily use. It protects the hand against moisture, dirt and dust.

  • How do I control the bebionic hand?

    The bebionic hand is what is known as a myoelectrically controlled hand prosthesis, which means you control it with your own muscle signals in the residual limb.

    Here’s how it works: “Myoelectric” is the technical term for muscle activity in the residual limb that generates electric current in the microvolt range. This is registered by electrodes and calculated in fractions of a second. Based on these data, electric motors in the prosthesis control the gripping and turning movements of the prosthetic hand.

  • I have an upper arm amputation. Would a fitting with the bebionic hand be a possibility for me as well?

    Ottobock has developed the ErgoArm and DynamicArm elbow components for amputations above the elbow joint. Your O&P professional will advise you in detail and answer all your questions regarding a possible fitting.

  • What movements are possible with the bebionic hand?

    The bebionic hand offers 14 different gripping options. The user and O&P professional can select a total of eight of these options. You can see the different grips under the “Grips” tab.

  • Can I shower or wash my hands with a bebionic hand?

    No, you cannot shower or bathe with the bebionic hand.

    There are no standard prosthesis components for showering and swimming; individual adaptations are made by your O&P professional.

    However, you can wash your hands provided that the prosthesis glove is intact and the cuff is long enough that no water can get into the prosthesis from the end.

  • Can I use a touchscreen with the hand prosthesis?

    A touchscreen can be used with the bebionic hand small if no glove is worn.

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