Athletic and active in everyday life

Exercising and engaging in a sport benefits our bodies and our minds. When people become active for the first time – or regain their mobility – their faces speak volumes. Individual circumstances can differ widely. So can motives. Exercising your cardiovascular system, maintaining personal mobility, unwinding, experiencing yourself in action and overcoming challenges – these are all good reasons for people with and without disabilities to take up a sport. But where do you begin? The following pages provide information and examples to help newcomers get started.

Beginners exercising.

Getting started in sports with a disability.

First steps are often the hardest. It’s wise not to overdo things and give your body plenty of time to adjust.


Heinrich Popow offers advice to a beginner runner

How can I stay motivated?

Amateur athletes and Paralympic stars share advice on how to stay motivated and avoid getting stuck in a rut in your sports routine.


Runner with an amputation playing football.

Which sport is right for me?

Numerous factors play a role when it comes to choosing a sport. We differentiate between team sports and individual sports. We’ve also compiled information for parents who want to help their child find a suitable sport.