European Running Clinic

Everyone can run – give it a try

Those first steps on a sport prosthesis, the goal of running a new personal best or simply racing with the kids – everyone has their own reasons for participating in an Ottobock Running Clinic.

Running event at the venue of the European Championships

Ottobock hosted its first European Running Clinic from 21 to 24 August during the European Para Athletics Championships Berlin 2018. Under the instruction of Heinrich Popow, transfemoral amputees ranging from beginners to advanced runners had the opportunity to practise running on a running blade and train at the venue of the European Para Athletics Championships Berlin 2018.

One participant from each of ten European countries was selected for the Running Clinic and invited to Berlin. Ottobock was organising the running event, and participants were selected at Ottobock’s discretion.

Ottobock expertise for Running Clinic participants

O&P professionals who also fitted athletes at the Paralympic Games adjusted the prostheses and provided the participants with on-site support together with Heinrich Popow.

Running Clinic trainer Heinrich Popow

“I became the person I am today because of the people who helped me in my life. That’s why I want to support other amputees and help them gain more self-confidence.”

An insight into the Running Clinics

Heinrich Popow assisting the participants during a warm-up.

Fun comes first for everyone.

Heinrich Popow instructs the participants in running, one step at a time.