Ottobock Middle East is offering online trainings

Ottobock Middle East is offering online trainings and tutorials for prosthetics and orthotics specialist to continue training during the pandemic.

The trainings offered during the next few weeks/months are:

  • 24.03.2021 E-Mag Aktive
    cancelled - will be reschedule soon
  • 14.04.2021 How to use LASAR Posture 3D

Please note that this program shall be constantly updated.

If you would like to register and attend the trainings, or have any questions, kindly email

Hygiene in an orthopaedics business

Compliance with hygiene procedures is especially important in the healthcare sector. People come together in this environment every day, and direct contact is unavoidable.
The worldwide coronavirus outbreak has shown us once again how important preventive measures are for stopping the spread of disease and protecting employees in orthopaedics businesses and their patients.

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Freedom Innovations: Transition to Ottobock & Protecr

Freedom Innovations: Transition to Ottobock & Proteor

Ottobock, in collaboration with Proteor and Freedom Innovations would like to ensure you are aware of recent changes to the Freedom Innovations company and portfolio of products. Below you will find details about the split of Freedom products between Ottobock and Proteor.

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Ottobock Africa Website

Ottobock has expanded on the African continent over the last years with many new partners and Patient Care Centers.

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